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Open Directory Project at 190 collector sites linked to DMOZ Open Directory Project, a real people edited search engine. An additonal 88 dealers, 8 Banknote Printer & ATM Test Note, 13 Certificates, 10 Notgeld, 20 Banknote Trackers, and 6 Organization sites are listed as well. Many search engines use this service, including Google and AOL. If you have a suggestion that is not a dealer, let me know! There's a seperate catagory for dealers here.

Cael Chappels' Collect Paper Money site
Pages on Banknote Features, Collector Tips, Currency Identifiers, Reference Books, Discussion Forum, Question & Answer, Free Drawing, Special Offers, and Related Links.

MJP Numistmatics' Links to Collector's, Dealer's, Interactive, Internet Service's, Organization's, Other, Reference, Software, and Stocks & Bonds web sites.

SwappersAndCollectors.comCollecting World Pages
Ads, auctions, collector searches, and collector forum available at this site.

Coins and banknotes of Vietnam and French IndochinaJust what the title says. I used several high resolution propaganda note scans from this extensive collection.

Gallery of Bulgarian Paper Money
This site shows the images, history, series information, and famous counterfeits of Bulgarian currency.

Serbian and Yugoslavian Numismatics
An online catalogue for all Serbian and Yugoslavian banknotes and coins, with many images and full information. Move mouse to left border for menu on most pages.


The Falling Leaf On-Line The Journal of the Psywar Society, a group interested in propaganda leaflets of wartime, including currency.

The Currency Collector A series of articles written by IBNS member John Sandrock. The Propaganda article is quit noteworthy, with many images and much information.

The Vietnam Wars. Dr. Rod Oakland's site of written propaganda from Vietnam. Very good historical background to put the propaganda in perspective.

Propaganda War - Korea Don Henderson's site on Propaganda used during the Korean War. Many images and translations of leaflets available.

PaperMoneyWorld - A web source for MPC and other wartime paper money enthusiasts from all over the world. JDWJME.COM J.D. "Dave" Watson's Mexican revolution currency page is chuck full of historical background and currency examples. Counterfeits are documented with blowups of genuine and counterfeit features such as signitures and engravings.


AdlerTech InternationalA document and security firm, AdlerTech shows how their products are used to foil color copiers and scanners. A special THANKS from Travis for providing material for his science fair project!

APIS (Analyses and Programming of Information Systems)Excellent pc programs for individual or multiple countries. There's a nice .avi showing how to spot latent image on the Slovakian money.

Counterfeit DetectionThis website describes many security features and the various methods of modern counterfeiting.

Crane & CompanyThe paper supplier for U.S. money since 1850. Not only was Crane a contributor to the book "Counterfeit Deterrent Features for the Next Generation Currency Design" by the National Research Council, funded by the Department of the Treasury, they were kind enough to encourage Travis on his science project and provide a copy of this book. Many thanks! This book is invaluable for the study of security features and is available on the books page here.

Banknote$ of the Modern World - Decurity Explains and shows examples of 27 secruity features.

Glen's World Banknote PageThis site started all our interest in security devices. 'Nuff said. Thanks so much Glen!


PAPIERGELD-TESTSCHEINEA German language web page dedicated to German Notgeld Papermoney. The testnote page has images and reference notes from Kai Lindman's reference on test notes.

SAN MIGUELCollector with images of Private Issues and Promotional/Test Notes.

TESTNOTES HOMEAnother collector with images of Promotional/Test Notes.

TESTNOTES GROUP AT YAHOOGroup for collectors/dealers of Testnotes, with messages, files, and images.

I would be happy to swap banners or web links with other currency collectors. Drop me a line and let me know your web address.